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Hey! Welcome to my sight! I am here to brang ya up to date on the Great Big Orange! The Graytest Football Team What Ever Played in The Hole Wide World! I dun got me a degree from UT! So I desided to put me up this here sight! Hope yuns injoy!

Percy Eugene Hattfield
aka: TheOrangeStomper!

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6 Overtimes makes ya haf ta peeeeeeee!

We only lawst cause Claussin wun't playing and we run outta time!

I Noad it! I Noad it! It's all cause KW dint play!

Okay, yuns kept a askin me ta post more a bout my famuly, so here it is! Thu Hole Hattfield Clan!

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Percy's Gameday Ramlin's
By: Percy Eugene Hattfield

I fount all kindsa UT stuff on sale at KMart!

Rite up ta game time, KMarts had em a blue lite spaicial! I got me a UT shirt and tag fer the truck.

I got ta wach most a thu game in Lectronics. It wuz guuuud ta hear ol Rocky Top agin!!!!!

Now weuns has ta get reddy fer homecumin! Wunce we beat them Canes, coach Phulmer can show em how we diserve that ever ilusive Sears n Robuck trophee!! Theys ranked hi, and if weuns kin whoop um, thangs is gunna be fine!

Coach Phulmers a lookin real straeist. I thank hes got a lot on his mine. Everbody keeps a talkin bout KW, and how he aint been a playin. He look fine ta me when I seen him! Maybe Coach Phulmers thankin bout all that? I dont no.


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