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Hey! Welcome to my sight! I am here to bring you up to date on the Great Big Orange! The Greatest Football Team What Ever Played in The Hole Wide World! I done got me a degree from UT! So I desided to put me up this here sight! Hope yuns injoy!

Percy Eugene Hattfield
aka: TheOrangeStomper!

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6 Overtimes makes ya have ta PEEEE!

My sister told me I furgot to put something up about last weeks game with Rutgers, I just went strait from Florida to Arkansas. Truth wuz, I wuz perty drunk all that next week, and didn't even know weuns played. Sister wuz funnin me, she told me Rutgers won, and I hada go look it up in the old paper. It wuz gross cuz it was in the bottom of Goobers cage. Goobers my pet possum. So I aint gonna tell yuns much about that game, I rekon.

Boy them hawgs is tuff! But not as tuff as The Great Big Orange! We jus prove once again what it means to be a Vol. We jus dug down deep. I mean who else could taken Arkinsaw down to the wire in six overtimes? I had ta pee so bad! We showed Tennessee blood and guts! Kelly Washington may be The Future but Witten made that winnnin catch and I rekon he pretty good for a white boy. I wuz bizzy peein when Coach Phulmer came offun the field and gave his speach. So I didnt see if he still looked like he needed a dost of Exlax. I spect he didnt, Miss Phulmer probly give him sum.

Well, this here next week we gotta play Georgia. I hope it don't rain. Theyuns pretty good and weuns tend to fall down a lot when it's wet. I think Clausen can handle the ball if it ain't wet. He don't handle wet balls. He loves his balls to be dry at all times! As long as Washington and Witten are out there we should be able to throw for 500 yards if it ain't wet. I hope its dry.

Then we get to play Bamma at Nayland. Georgia beat Bamma but the score was close. That is why I thank we can beat Georgia ezey. After we beat Georgia and Miami we will be back in the champeenship hunt. We play Miami on homecumin and you only play cupcakes on homecumin rite? So Miami can't be that good. I thank it mus be that thar other Miami.

Yep The Big Orange can win it all!

As long as we make it past the Cocks! My Paw Loves Cocks! He blows um! Yep! Shore does! When ever he is a fightin his Cocks, and one of um falls down, all daid like, he gets down thar and breeths life right back into um! Someone said he was the best Cock blower in all these parts. He's gonna teach me how to blow Cocks too.

I will onestly say, thu Cocks have a good coach with Lew Holts, I think we can win it all if we kin beat him. And if we beat him coach Fulmer can prove we deserve one of them trofees from the Sears catalog to bring back to Knoxville. That's just the way it is in football!

I wunder what department that trofee is in, I looked in hardware, over by the mailboxes, but I didn't see none. I'll look agin next time Paw goes to town.

Momma says its time to slop the pigs, so I rekon Im gone! Later, OrangeStomper


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