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Pure Bred Redneck

My Junior College before UT give me a scholarship!

Tequila Boy
My Best Friend, but he ain't edjucated from UT like me!

Elvis Buford Presley... The King!

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My UT Favrites:

Kasey Claussen! QB -- He thu BOMB!

KW! -WR! -- He da Future!

Jabarrey Davis-- His Name is Too Cool!

Keldrik Willyums-- Smmmoooothee!

Jasen Wittin-- Booom! Baby!

Coach Fillup G. Phulmer! The Gratest Coach What Ever Lived in the Hole Wide Wurld!

I dunt nowe any uv the rest by name right now, I'd have ta see um playin. But they all good! Heres a lank if you need tu know everbody!

UT Roster

And, yuns kin find out more about the UT vols by goin to Yahoo and typin it in thu little box.


Payton Mannin--

He plays fer the Colts now, but he ain't good as he use ta be.

Travis Henree--

I auways liked him cause my cuz name is Travis Henree Hattfield! Sept hes a sayin my Paw is his daddy, so wudn't that make him my bro? NEway, Hes auways been my Ant Bettys boy ta me.

Tee Martin--

I put him way dow no thu list, cause weuns all hayte him now. Sinc'n he took that money to play fer UT and got us all in truble. I got a bobbly-head Tee doll, but Im keepin it in my closet. Im still mad. I thawt he cum ta play for UT cuz he liked UT same as me! He fool me, and I auways say... foo me once shame on you... foo me twice... shame on thu other guy!

Think Percy... THINK... who else?

Who R u missin'?

Oh yea...

Travis Stevens!

Duh! Well, what can I say? He'uz a goodun!

He probly shud be up at thu top a thu list