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Hey! Welcome to my sight! I am here to brang ya up to date on the Great Big Orange! The Graytest Football Team What Ever Played in The Hole Wide World! I dun got me a degree from UT! So I desided to put me up this here sight! Hope yuns injoy!

Percy Eugene Hattfield
aka: TheOrangeStomper!

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Past Idditions:

6 Overtimes makes ya haf ta peeeeeeee!

We only lawst cause Claussin wun't playing and we run outta time!

I Noad it! I Noad it! It's all cause KW dint play!

Okay, yuns kept a askin me ta post more a bout my famuly, so here it is! Thu Hole Hattfield Clan!

I Noad it! I Noad it! It's all cause KW dint play!

I noad we'uz gunna loose! Awl week long, everbudy up here wuz real kwite. They'uns noad like me. The ritin wuz on thu wawl!

Paw wuz real mad cuz he bet on UT. He got real drunk. I noad better then ta bet on UT, they ain't wurfin' a sheit this year!

I think its cuz KW didnt play nun. He looked ok on the sidelines, all happy and healthie, but he didnt play nun. I dunt nowe why. If'n KW wuda played, weuns mite a stude a chanch, but the wurser we'uz gettin whooped, the more they showed him standin over yunder on the sideline, lookin fine. It made me MAD! Coach Phulmer aughta made him play! Bamma made they punter play!

I'uz thankin we mite have a chanch when weuns run back that kickoff fer a TD, but it whunt no use. We jus plain ol' sucked. Like a Big Orange!

Oh well, I rekon thu streak had ta end some day. Whats real moronic, is Maw gets ridda me and Paws streaks in are drawers, bout wunce ever 7 years too! She uses that thar Clorox stuff. Bamma jus used a gud defence ta git ridda are streak.

Now we gotta go get ready ta play with Cocks! We kin beat them Cocks! Its what weuns do best! They got um a real gud coach, but we'z thu Big Orange! We ain't ben spanked by the Cocks in long time, n theyuns aint a gunna do it this time neither.

I thank Coach Phulmer may turn thangs around now that we'z 4-3, and aint got no preshure to win that thar Sears and Robuck trophee this year. It looks like Noter Daime will get it his year, caus they'z gud, and they's Noter Daime an all. Even if'n we'd beat Bamma and Floraduh and Georguh, weuns probly still cudnt get one a them trophees from Sears, cuz they only give one, and Noter Daimes got dibs. So, in tha big pitcher, it dunt really madder much NEway.

I ain't a givin up on my Big Orange, they still the bestest team in the hole wide wurld! Aint nerry a team what pays they players better'n UT, so its jus a madder a time, if'n ya asks me.

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