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Hey! Welcome to my sight! I am here to brang ya up to date on the Great Big Orange! The Greatest Football Team What Ever Played in The Hole Wide World! I dun got me a digree from UT! So I desided to put me up this here sight! Hope yuns injoy!

Percy Eugene Hattfield
aka: TheOrangeStomper!

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My Uncle Dugan's Stories

Okay, yuns keeped askin' me ta tell ya mor about'n my famuly. So heer it is......

Well, there's me. I was born wif sumthin wrong with one a my chrome a zomes er sumthin. Maw told me I uz spachiel, and I even went to the Spachiel School for years, until UT give me a skolership! The folks wuz all exsighted about'n me goin' off to collidge. Weuns ain't never had no'un ta go before!

I got me a digree! And my firs payin job cum, jus a short time later. I gots me a fine job! I stack the chars after Maw and Paws Bingo games at the VFW. I also stack the chars at famuly evints like when we kilt the hawg last winter. It wus my Major. I minored in Walkin'... I can walk reel good! Better'n I can stack chars! But I hain't found no payin job walkin' yet. I made a dollar walking Miss Suggs dog, but that wuz just fer a week.

Whiles I uz at UT, I met a hole bunch a thu players! They'us in my very classes! (Tween you n me... I helped em pass thu tests!)

Okay, nuf bout me, yuns know thu rest, I desided to put me up this here sight!

On to thu famuly!

Alfie Hattfield

Maw! She luvs the Big Orange! She wares her big orange dress and watchis from this here place ever Saturday!

Cooter Hattfield

This here is Paw. Its thu only pitcher uv him I cud find. This wuz taken after the Floriduh game last year.

TaLulla Hatffield

Thisun's my sis. She don't got the chrome zome thang like me, she took after Maw. Shes yunger then me, but kin still whoop me a-rasslin.

Mabel Hattfield

This here's my Granny. She still hollers for UT! She calls Coach Phulmer "General" ...I aint figured that'n out yet.

Jake Hattfield

My Bro! My Hero! He lives up north in Californy. Makes a lotta money in Holywood makin' movees! Well, he ain't in um, lest ya know whur ta look, he does the stunts fer um. Ain't much Jake won't try!

Well, that thar's bout it. That's my famuly tree!

....For all them Enqueerin minds.

And fer yuns who keep a sayin I ain't no REAL UT fan, I'm jus makin fun or sumthin, I jus got this one thang ta say to yuns...


I Ain't no LYE... I mite be a lotta thangs, and I mite not spell to good, but I AIN'T No lye man!


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