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Hey! Welcome to my sight! I am here to brang ya up to date on the Great Big Orange! The Graytest Football Team What Ever Played in The Hole Wide World! I dun got me a degree from UT! So I desided to put me up this here sight! Hope yuns injoy!

Percy Eugene Hattfield
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Percy's Gameday Ramlin's
By: Percy Eugene Hattfield

Hey! I'm Baaaaaaaack!

I been in detocks. Yup, yurs truly got in a little truble, but I'm all better now, sept I still gotta pee in a cup. It sux cause ya gotta pay them to do it and they get to watch! Anyhoo, I ain't kept up to good with UT football this year, but I thank we'z prolly as good as ever.

I still thank Coach Phulmer looks like he needs to take a good dump most of the time. And someun you from Noxville, please tell Coach he don't look good in arnge, stick ta white! He looks like a big ol punkin... one what needs ta take a dump.

I got me a program gide to the Champeenship Seasun! It uz at the flee markit, payd a qwarter fer it! Thunk that wuz a perty good deel, huh?

I keep a heren about the NCdubleA snoopin around at UT, but heck, I been heren that fer years, nuthin ever happens.

Well this week is Bamer week. Just ain't gonna be much fun beaten a whooped elephant. Theyun's can't even whoop Old Miss! I figure weuns win this un, cuz we got the best paid players. Bamer can't pay um no more, they dun got cawt! But Coach Phulmer is a smart man, he got a system of takin care uv his players, so he won't git cawt, and if he duz, it's been so long ago can't nobody remember nuthin noway.

I wuz gonna go to the game, and give a up ta date report for the sight, but they didn't send me my press pass yet, and the woman at UT was near bout mean to me on the phone. Sum'n bout me bein a pidly little fan based sight but actin like I was ESPN... whoever the hell they are??? Dang, what's this ol wurld comin to when yurs truly gets dissed by his own almer mayter.

I'll try and git back on here more oftin than I have, but it haint ez fer me rite now. I got a dialup and sharin the lines with my sister and her boyfrend! So til next time, GO VAWLS!

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Okay, yuns kept a askin me ta post more a bout my famuly, so here it is! Thu Hole Hattfield Clan!


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