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Paul "Bear" Bryant Historical Photo Archives

December 3, 1973
Sports Illustrated

September 1980

November 23, 1981
Sports Illustrated

1966 Golden Flake- Coca Cola Advertisement

circa 1965
The Bear Bryant Show

1968 Press Photo

1981- A different hat for Bryant

1933 Player Photo

Bryant Postage Stamp

Bryant and Family
circa 1947

1962 Vs. Arkansas

1967 Victory Ride

1981 Victory Ride

1975 Bryant and Paterno
at Sugar Bowl

1974 Victory Ride

Making the Roux in New Orleans

Bryant and Woody Hayes
of Ohio State

Bryant and Ralph Shug Jordan
of Auburn

1974 Ford Commercial

Bear meets Tiger

Circa 1980

The Tower

They're bitin' good today!

1982 Liberty Bowl
Final Game

One last game to coach.

Circa 1976

With Pat Trammell
circa 1962

With Joe Namath
Following '63 win over Oklahoma

A familiar sight.

Hunting with Pat Dye

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